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Here to address your environmental questions and arm you with the ability to answer other people’s.

Inspired by social media debates, we’re here to help you get the facts straight on environmental matters. Too many myths about the environment are flying around.

We want to ensure as many people as possible know the science and have accurate answers to environmental questions, enabling more to act in informed and more sustainable ways.

We aim to be an accessible and informative platform, helping make environmental science and sustainability as easy to understand, and as engaging, as possible.

Latest Environmental Myths Debunked

“Going vegan or vegetarian WON’T affect climate change!”

Veganism. Vegetarianism. Flexitarianism. Pescatarianism. There’s lots of different terms when it comes to diets – especially those that involve limiting animal products. Some people love these terms and use them to describe their identity. Some people…

“I need peat in my compost to make my flowers grow”

Most composts available in supermarkets or garden centres are made of a high proportion of peat – even if they don’t state it. But why does that matter? Peat and peat-free compost Multi-purpose compost is usually…

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