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Founder, editor and author: Abi Whitefield

Hi, I’m Abi!

I’m a Geographer, with an MA in Geography, an MSc in Environmental Protection and Management and I’m currently working towards my PhD in Geography.

I am very passionate about the environment. I always have been. I joined an ‘Environmental Club’ in primary school (where I mainly remember selling plant bulbs to our families) and have been fascinated by the world since. Consequently, I decided to go to university to study Geography.

During my MSc I became even more interested (and somewhat obsessed) about climate change and sustainability in general, and learnt a lot more about climate science, environmental changes in various habitats and the impact of behavioural change. It was during my MSc I decided to go Flight Free, and refused to go on a compulsory field trip.

I’ve been trying to make as many changes in my lifestyle to reduce my impact on the world as possible. I’ve changed my diet, almost completely removing meat; switched to a renewable energy supplier; bought an electric car; become a whizz at recycling random items and attempting to reduce my waste; grown a love of Depop; and tried to spread the word about the environment as far and wide as I can.

Through trying to ensure people have accurate knowledge about the environment, sustainability and climate change, I’ve entered many social media debates. I’ve come to realise that people really don’t know as much about the environment as you think they would. There’s also a lot of misunderstanding out there. Hence, I’ve made this website to try and debunk some of the environmental myths floating around, and try and make understanding the environment more accessible.

So, if you’ve got any questions/ want to discuss something environmental/ need something clarified… get in touch!

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