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“Going vegan or vegetarian WON’T affect climate change!”

Veganism. Vegetarianism. Flexitarianism. Pescatarianism. There’s lots of different terms when it comes to diets – especially those that involve limiting animal products. Some people love these terms and use them to describe their identity. Some people find them preachy. Food is an important, substantial (and often enjoyable!) part of our lives, so our diets have…

“Carry on flying – it’s not that bad for the environment anyway”

“Carry on flying” – a headline hitting the media as the UK Government publish their transport decarbonisation plan. Not a statement you usually hear when people are talking about reducing GHG emissions. It contrasts staggeringly with the voices of environmentalists, with the rise of Swedish ‘flygskam’ (flight-shaming) and Flight Free campaigns. So is flying really…

“I need peat in my compost to make my flowers grow”

Most composts available in supermarkets or garden centres are made of a high proportion of peat – even if they don’t state it. But why does that matter? Peat and peat-free compost Multi-purpose compost is usually made up of between 70% and 100% peat. Peat is decayed vegetation and organic matter, which is created by…

“Electric cars are worse for the environment than normal cars”

The short answer is no, no they’re not. There’s been a LOT of misinformation about electric vehicles, with sceptics making all sorts of claims about their environmental values. In 2019, reports in the Guardian amongst other newspapers (based on research by Hans-Werner Simm) came out claiming electric vehicles (EVs) were actually worse for the environment…

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